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Elaine Puhek

I am Elaine...

...Your brand designer & strategist

In my work I use a wide range of tools, including Human Design. Here I am your efficient, energetic solution provider as MG 5/1 . Using elements from Theta Healing we gain access to your subconscious so that we can eliminate the issues that are holding you back. With intuitive coaching I am sensitive and can empathize with you and your customers. You and your uniqueness are my top priority and this is reflected in the design too. It is important to me that a strong foundation is built and everything that could lead to collapse is cleared out of the way. This foundation leads to self-knowledge and self-discovery and promises a holistic and sustainable business & branding that stands out and attracts. From my years of experience, I know that a beautiful design is not enough – it also requires strategy, the courage to show it, spirit, feeling and a 360-degree view.

Fun Facts about me

  • Emotional 5/1 MG, Sun Gate 34, 6 centers activated in total

  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius, AC: Virgo, Moon: Pisces

  • In 2019 I emigrated to Portugal alone and only had a backpack with me

  • The best ideas come to me while cooking or just before falling asleep

  • I am left-handed and my clairvoyance is feeling and smelling

  • I am half-American and half-Swabian. My partner is Portuguese.

  • I have few shoes, but a lot of incense sticks and essential oils

  • In 3 words I would describe myself as creative, humorous and sensitive

  • I'm always ready for cheesecake and coffee

Elaine Puhek

Also in the team

Almalux Studio
Arienn - Webdesign


I'm Arienn, emotional 6/2 generator, your web designer if you decide to have your magnetic website. Because this is where magic happens.

Since 2023 I have been working with Adrienn, who rounds off my offers for you. For the energetic, holistic all-round carefree package. We create your sales-strong and search engine optimized online presence that will be found and understood by your ideal customers. They immediately feel the "I want it" feeling and book with you.

Abstract Paint _Almalux



Wow- This is amazing!!

I have been working with Elaine for a long time and she has always completely amazed me and exceeded my expectations!

From logo design to graphics of all kinds, feed design, book layout and design.


She is the one!


Christina: diamind_coaching

Elaine exceeded my expectations by far.
I am so happy with my Human Design Branding. Wonderful work! Brilliant ideas and I'm looking forward to implementing it with a lot of clarity!
I have already recommended you to my friends.

Sina, @sina.marlen

OOOOMMGGG I just don't know what to say. I've just looked at the logo designs and I already know it's going to be a real struggle to decide. Each one looks so different and yet they all fit!!! You have such an amazing gift!

Testimonial - Almalux Studio
Testimonial - Almalux
Testimonial - Almalux
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