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Elaine Puhek


is key to stand out in a world full of opportunities.
Let's make your essence visible.

   Does this feel familiar?...

  • Is your heart business not going well right now?

  • Don't know how to stand out from others? 

  • Don't know how to show yourself?

  • Do you long to have a thriving business?

  • Are you ready to transform your fear into courage and are you looking for the right support?

Kennst du das

Elaine Puhek
Abstract Painting - Almalux

Imagine you know exactly who you are and what you can do. Where your strengths lie and so much more. Imagine you are suddenly self-aware and this is also reflected in your brandingNo more 100 fonts and colors. For me it's all about: strong design meets personality development.

The Human Visualization Codes; is a method, which also allowed me to embark on my own journey. We go deep and analyze you and your business and thus your branding. Colors and design language is energy - this Energy ultimately reflects you and attracts your soul clients. I work holistically with various other tools and thereby obtain the Individuality, spirituality and the business world with one. 

Hi, I'm Elaine

I am an energetic solution with depth. Creativity flows through my veins - my experience as a J.Art Director in agencies, my love of art, as well as my independence have made me the person who I am today. Coupled with my spiritual path & personal development as well as targeted further training, this is how my Almalux studio came about.

Almalux Studio Elaine

01 Energy

We dedicate ourselves to your foundation. We discover your strengths, your energy and your soul purpose. In short: Everything that reflects your personality and how you can optimally enrich the world. After this step you will be able to feel yourself again and also gain insight, joy, motivation and positive energy.

Empowered Consciousness

02  Strategie

This is about how you can apply what we learned in the first step. What does all this mean for your business? What is your mission, your vision and what are your values? What is your brand signature? What could your marketing look like?

Energetic Implementation

03  Kreativität

Soulful Corporate Design

Everything from points 1 and 2 flows into one form here. A branding that reflects your essence - that shines. A design that you can identify with 100% and is truly sustainable.

A design with soul.



You not only get branding with all the trimmings, such as logo design, fonts, colors, style guide, templates, print products, but also clarity within yourself and your business through my wide range of tools. You get self-confidence, energy and a lot of strategic tools.

For everyone who is ready to take their business and their appearance to the next level. Let us make your inner light a magnet for your soul clients.



My program includes 20 topics and 20 short videos including reflection questions and exercises on the topic of personal branding. There is also a closed Telegram group for exchange and support as well as 2 live Q&As. AND the opportunity to win a magnetic branding that matches your essence. The course runs several times a year.




Of course, I can also support you with other graphic topics. Everything else related to your branding, print or online products, workbooks, icons and more. My team also offers web design with WordPress according to Human Design. Of course, you can also book further individual sessions with me on your business, Human Design or graphic topics.

Free initial Call

for your energetic branding

Let’s just chat.

Would you like to have a no-obligation coffee date with me where we can just get to know each other? Do you already have specific questions about my offers or just want to see if my offer or my vibe really suits you?

Perfect, I look forward to seeing you.

Elaine Puhek

Do you want to start today? Perfect - it's never too late to revise your personal branding and strengthen your foundation again. This workbook starts at the root and works from the inside out.

May it serve you!

Brand Guide
Abstract Paint _edited_edited_edited.jpg


Rike, Capsule Coaching

Elaine Puhek offers passion in design and dedication in consulting.

I designed my new website with her as part of a Human Design consultation. After completing a questionnaire, she worked out my most important values and identity-forming characteristics and implemented them in a color and font world, tailored to my target group. And what can I say: it worked from the day it was published. I now feel like we are friends, and other projects such as book design etc. are already in the pipeline.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elaine, your gift for dealing with people is wonderful.

Bettina @bettina.flasch

I didn't like it, but she did it anyway. It turned out so perfect and was like it was made for me. This woman knows exactly what she's doing! I really can recommend her to you for logo and corporate design with HD.

You love,

As always, you're just AWESOME. I really like it and can imagine it really well on the different backgrounds. Wow. Brilliant. You've done a masterly job and it's fabulous and just brilliant. I just wanted to write you a few lines. Thank you for being you. THANK YOU for your spirit. Thank you for your angelic patience. THANK YOU for YOU. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your love.

Thank you for creating something so magical.

Almavox is my podcast for you about the Topics intuition, modern spirituality and creativity. This podcast will help you to unfold potentials, your creative power to life and serves as your inspiration.

Podcast Almavox
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