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Adreinn Bihary - Web Designer

Generators 6/2

Adrienn is not only a professional when it comes to visibility for the web presence , but also works in my team and creates my clients' websites. She is an absolute expert when it comes to copywriting, selling and SEO, etc. She wants to make her clients' vision visible. Hence the logo, which symbolizes the core of the clients from the inside out and makes it shine. Overall, the branding has become a poem.

What Adrienn says:

I am so glad that I went along with the branding process, despite the uncertainty and fear regarding my overall branding. But Elaine's sensitive manner enabled her to mirror me, listen to my wishes and bring out my style.


Shaida Moradiyan - Reiki Master

Generators 5/1

Shaida has opened her own Reiki studio and I had the pleasure of creating her branding for it. Shaida is very sensitive and subtle , which makes her nature and her work particularly valuable. Her mission is to help people reach their highest potential through energy work and reflection . The result is a timeless, simple, soft and at the same time strong design that perfectly reflects her values and her mission.

What Shaida says:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful way. I am so happy and infinitely grateful that my path in life has led me to you! I feel seen and heard by you. Working with you has also led to the perfect result. I feel truly embodied in everything we have created together. You are truly amazing! I can already see everything in myself. It is all there. Now I can speak openly about my work and feel really comfortable with it. Thank you so much! For everything!
It was a pleasure! And I can't wait to welcome you to my Reiki studio!


Kathrin Vella - Self-acceptance and personal growth through Human Design

Generators 6/2

For Kathrin, everything revolves around self-acceptance and finding your original purpose (through Human Design). It's also about getting everything under control , including your diet , and being holistically healthy and successful. Her mission is to create a safe space for self-reflection and personal growth. We created the branding together based on her energy type and positioning for her business start. The logo symbolizes a sprout and at the same time the strength of a lion - a true jewel.

What Kathrin says:

The theta session is still having an impact. The belief that we resolved was so deep. I am still processing it and am now slowly gaining the courage to clean up again. I really enjoyed each of the sessions with you and of course with the lovely Emely. On our journey together, I was able to find my way back to myself, but also get to know completely new sides of myself. You showed me that I don't have to hide behind anything. Now I don't just have a logo, a name and a design, but a complete brand that suits me perfectly and underlines my personality. Finally, there is clarity, order and structure in my business. Thank you very much. I will come back to you anytime.


Laughter Yoga, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

Simone Markowski MG 4/6

Vanessa Stelz MG 6/2

Simone and Vanessa are mother and daughter and founded their business VASIPA in 2016. Both energies have been incorporated into the branding , which was extremely exciting and special for me. The two offer laughter yoga, approaches to positive psychology, breathing training and philosophical thoughts of the Stoics. It's about joy in life and well-being and all of this here in Portugal on the Algarve. To this day we are co-creating new projects and in friendly exchange.

What Vanessa & Simone say:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our new branding and logo. Everyone around us is just as excited as we are. Working on the website and new offers is so much fun because we constantly see our new branding and we can feel it all!!! But the best thing for us was the questionnaire and the subsequent HD session! Not only did you make sure that our potential and energies were visually visible, but you also helped us to get to know ourselves better and as a result we approach everything so much more clearly, understand ourselves and our life's purpose better! We can hardly put it into words and are just endlessly grateful for the great, energetic collaboration!


Vanessa Bernardini - Feminine holistic energy

Reflector 1/4

Vanessa is very broad-based - a master in femininity work and women's circles, but also a human design, frequency and nutrient expert. Her latest passion is training to be a doula. Because that's where everything starts and, as she says herself, she can get to the root of everything. She is such a ray of sunshine and a mirror/reflector - through and through. Her branding is reminiscent of a warm hug and conveys a sense of security.

What Vanessa says:

This beautiful logo, these colors and fonts that I would never have thought of myself, what Elaine has created based on my Human Design is magic. Because I know so much about Human Design, I can really say it's a match! I'm so in love with this visual appearance and can only recommend her wholeheartedly. If you have a soul business and want to reflect who you are, she's the right one for you!


Lilia Reinholde -Holistic approach for body, mind and soul


Lilia's values are lightness, honesty and abundance . Her work is based on a holistic approach that encompasses body, mind and soul. Using tools such as Human Design and other methods, she supports her clients in finding their freedom and following their own individual path. Our branding process has resulted in a feminine, magical and beautiful brand.

What Lilia says:

I love the result and it is so much better than I imagined. It is exactly my taste, my essence and finally looks professional! My sacral started working straight away and I am so happy! Elaine is so warm and looked at my inner issues with me that were holding me back. But now I can't wait to go out with it! Thank you so much!


Michaela Koblinger - Business Coach with focus and heart

Projector 2/5

Michaela is a business coach with unparalleled focus, knowledge, drive and structure. She is a true heart person and supports self-employed people in finding a strategy and structure that works in everyday life. Her branding reflects her projector energy and characteristics and at the same time emphasizes the unifying factor - 'Connect'.

What Michaela says:

Finally, everything looks professional and neat. I no longer have to spend ages thinking about which templates, fonts and colors I should use, everything is clear. I love that - I'm much faster and it's easier for me. It's sooo much fun working with the new branding! I also noticed during the process that it's about much more than just the design. It changed my energy and made me even clearer about my positioning and offering. YOU are really amazing and everything is now next level! I'm so happy and grateful that our paths crossed. Here's to more wonderful projects - woohoo!


Kerstin Gierth - Akasha Chronicle


Kerstin has a lot of energy and is a real happy person. Her heart beats for her horses, real estate and the Akashic Records. For the latter, I created a branding that is mature, natural, feminine, spiritual and empathetic. Her mission is to pass on the enthusiasm and magic of the Akashic Records and to support others with their issues.

What Kerstin says:

Thank you so much. I love it when everything works out so quickly! The way you picked me up, just with the questionnaire. You feel so welcomed and seen and taken seriously. I'm so impressed that you had such a good feeling and instinct for me and my concerns and my branding! Now I have clarity and I'm so happy with the whole process with you - dear Elaine! I feel so strongly about my next step and you are a very important part of it!


Anna Hinderks - Expert for femininity work


Anna is self-employed and works on her heart's topic: femininity work . She is deeply involved in the subject and creates wonderful spaces with her warm, sensitive and open aura . Her mission is to enable women to experience and develop themselves in all facets. Her warm energy and femininity work inspired the branding.

What Anna says:

Wow! The logo, the colors! I'm absolutely in love! It's all so ME and I feel it in my work and how the right people are now being attracted. I tried things for so long and could never feel it, but now it's a HeavanYes and I'm so happy with my branding!

Absolute heartfelt recommendation.


Carina Alstetter - Connection between energy work and consciousness work

Manifestor 3/5

​Carina combines energy work with consciousness work. Her goal is for people to be able to fulfill their true purpose in the world despite all conditioning, systems and upbringing . Carina's branding can be offensive and yet light. It is clear and yet special, just like a manifestor.

What Carina says:

This hummingbird sums me up and my work. The way you work, so intuitively and sensitively, really inspired me. The way you explained the branding to me and the meaning behind it - how wonderful and high-quality it was - I couldn't be happier.


Denise Glaser - Holisitc Coach for body awareness and alternative healing

MG 5/1

Denise Glaser is a holistic coach who specializes in body awareness and holistic and alternative healing. She is now starting her own business and right from the start she didn't want to leave the branding to chance. Together, we created a brand that truly reflects them and their gifts to the world. Their mission is to bring holistic health to the world and show that we have so many self-healing powers within us that we often don't even think are possible. Denise is an energetic power woman - as MG 5/1 - and from this wonderful process a lot was allowed to release and move internally in terms of her visibility. Through my collaboration with Denise, we strengthened her brand identity and created a distinctive presence in the market. With my expertise in brand management and innovative approaches, we maximized her visibility and helped her achieve her goals.

Was Denise sagt:


Elaaaaiiiiinnnneeee - ich bin mega begeistert!  wirklich! Das Moodboard ist richtig toll geworden und ich bin so aufgeregt, wie es weitergeht und auf alles was noch kommt. Vielen vielen Dank!!! Und danke auch für deine so tolle Erklärung für mich! 🥹 also ja .. muss das jetzt nochmal verdauen. Das mit der Natur find ich unglaublich toll, das fühl ich einfach so so sehr. Und das gelbe marmorierte finde ich auch sehr toll, die Farbe spricht mehr sehr an. Ich bin on Fire und freu mich wirklich sehr!

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