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Are you ready for a more sustainable path? Don't you know how to approach your brand design on all your channels? Would you like to have a sensitive power woman at your side who will co-create with you? Don't you want to go around in circles anymore? With me you get clarity, inspiration, implementation help and, last but not least, a professional, individual brand design. After our collaboration, you will finally reach more dream customers and live your higher self.

how I work

I work intuitively and respond to you and your needs. I see you and feel you. I hold up a mirror to you for self-knowledge and design. With me you get creativity and support for your sustainable positioning. I create your branding, help you create your offers and help you find yourself. I want to help you to recognize yourself and experience yourself truly. My goal is for you to step into your full power - with fun and ease. So that you can feel yourself and your business as well as your design on a cellular level. I want to create a branding that makes sense and I put all my love and experience into every project. It is important to me to have a strong foundation , which is why I use various tools for the holistic approach on which your design and business can grow and thrive.

Elaine Puhek





Elaine Puhek





We dedicate ourselves to your foundation. We discover your strengths, your energy and your soul purpose according to Human Design.

In short: everything that reflects your personality and how you can best enrich the world. We also transform everything that might be holding you back in yourself and your business.

After this step, you will be able to feel yourself again and also experience insight, joy, motivation and positive energy.




This is about how you can apply what we learned in step 1. What does all this mean for your business? How can you position yourself and what can your marketing look like? How can you convert the core of your brand into offers, etc.

So that you are completely aligned with your energy.




Everything from points 1 and 2 flows into one form here. A branding that reflects your essence and radiates. A design that you can identify with 100% and that is truly sustainable. A design with soul. If desired, also with a website that matches your Human Design energy type.

My approach

We all have our own soul purpose, which shows us why we are here and where we can best position ourselves to develop our full potential. Human Design creates your branding that reflects you 100 percent! I translate what lies dormant within you and wants to be brought to life. Do you want a logo that reflects your soul essence?

Maybe you haven't found your visual language yet, just can't decide, or are struggling with your self-confidence and your offers. Maybe you don't yet have the courage to approach your dream customers. I can help you with topics such as target group, limiting beliefs, offer design, positioning, visibility and most importantly: your design.

You finally achieve the clarity and lightness you so long for!

See what feels right for you, write to me if you have any questions – see you later!

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  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can you explain the following terms to me: mockup, sales page, style guide, corporate design, mood board, template?
    Mockup : A mockup is a visual representation of a design, often in the form of a model or simulation. It shows what a design or idea might look like in reality, often through a graphical representation on a screen or a physical model. Sales page : A sales page is a web page or a dedicated page on a website that aims to sell products or services. It is designed to attract, persuade and encourage potential customers to buy by providing compelling information and a clear call to action. Style Guide : A style guide is a document that establishes specific guidelines and standards for the visual appearance and design elements of a company or brand. It typically includes instructions on colors, fonts, logos, graphics, and other visual elements to ensure a consistent brand presence. Corporate Design : Corporate design refers to the visual appearance of a brand or company. It includes all the visual elements that help reinforce a brand's identity and recognition, including logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and design guidelines. Mood board : A mood board is a visual collage or compilation of images, colors, textures and other inspirational elements designed to convey a particular mood, atmosphere or visual aesthetic. It is often used as a starting point for developing designs or concepts to illustrate a particular atmosphere or feeling. Template : A template is a predefined pattern or pattern that is used as a basis for creating documents, web pages, presentations or other materials. It already contains structured elements such as layouts, formatting and design elements that can be customized to meet specific requirements or content.
  • Do you also ONLY do logo design?
    A corporate design is a prerequisite for the logo design (otherwise it's like baking a cake without ingredients ;)) But it doesn't have to be one of my packages, because we can individualize the packages, i.e. 1:1 sessions can be omitted, etc.
  • What is the difference between the Basic HD Session and the Deep Dive HD Session?
    The Basic HS session is there for you to get to know yourself. To get a feeling for yourself and your strengths, your potential. How you think, how you work best and much more. Here we can collect ideas about what this could mean for your business. The Deep Dive HD session is specifically about transferring your energy type to business. What does that mean for your marketing, your writing style, your offer, your positioning? Where can we fine-tune things? I can create a specific offer for your clients based on the findings we have gained so far. Your design and your complete presence, of course.
  • Can you tell me more about the Theta Healing sessions?
    I have been trained as a ThetaHealer since 2021. I believe that we often carry limiting beliefs within us that do not allow us to become fully visible. Or we sabotage ourselves in other areas. In my ThetaHealing sessions, which last about 1 hour, I connect with you energetically. We find out which theta you want to work on. Then I put myself into a meditation in the theta brain wave state. Now we will find out your core belief. I will give you a theta mediation, a manifestation and theta feeling downloads. In addition, your belief will be dissolved and replaced. Nothing should stand in the way of your higher self business.
  • Can you tell me something about licenses and rights?
    You get full usage rights for all logo versions and designs. My packages always include fonts that require a license and are included in the package. Unless otherwise agreed, you will receive a web font. This means that you can also use it for your website (up to 10k website visitors) and your entire online presence, as well as for print.
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