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About the Art

What does the chili have to do with the ice? And what does it have to do with my art? Well it came to me while searching for my personal niche.Since I was a kid I did art. Drawing was my passion, my way of expressing myself and the way of getting more to myself.When I finished high school my parents bought me my first camera which I totally loved. I switched from photography and art back and forth. 4 years ago I started doing art on a professional way. I learned new techniques, tried myself with huge canvas, acrylic, oil, mixed-media and so on...2018 was a year of rethinking - a lot of things happened and I also found out what I love the most or what is my original nature.

When starting with art on a professional way I never tried myself in aquarelle paintings, because you can't paint over it and it's hard to control... Now I love the way it just developes, by coincidence. I am now on a level where I go with the flow and the way it has to be without erasing. I also fell in love with alcohol ink techniques which I use for my abstract artworks.I try to express impressionistic abstract and realistic images.


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