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Alcohol Ink/Acrylic - my Canvas Watercolor Style

I don't know how this idea came to my mind to combine these totally different techniques. Maybe because of the fact, that acrylic can cover so much other colors ;)

Anyway the style I came up with is totally my thing! I know I am not painting on so many canvas for multiple logistical reasons but when I do.. OMG it's like meditation...

I bought those alcohol inks on the internet and a mask because the alcohol makes you high otherwise :D

And the alcohol ink is so much like watercolor.. just the ink is even less controlable.. but I love the natural flow..

After it is dry you can apply the acrylic colors. I finished it off with some watercolor pens, pencils, gold effects and splashes.

For me it is so much intuitive painting and I could do it every day (if I had 100 canvas and alcohol and last is very rare at the moment :D )

So maybe I can inspire you to combine different techniques, not only in painting also in cocking, music and so on.. opposites sometimes make the best combination.

If you are interested in my canvas arts please write me and if you like it, give it a heart or maybe even share ;)




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