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Chili Ice Artsy Van Campaign

Hello Everyone!!

Well... we have BIG NEWS to say the least...

We have started one of the biggest steps of Chili Ice Design.

After improving the online store, after the creation of new products, we had a stand at a music festival, we have been improving our social media presence daily... and now we begin a new chapter in Chili Ice Design story...

We started the Chili Ice Artsy Van Campaign on GoGetFunding, a crowdfunding platform.

This idea of Chili Ice Design having a physical space, was always on our minds, and now, after our Website have solid bases, we are ready to take a step into it!

We choose crowdfunding because, first, its one more channel for Chili Ice Design to be known on, its a place were we can find projects and people interested in creative ideas, a community willing to help and share opinions.

On this campaign, we choose not to ask for donations or any kind of support in exchange of nothing. We believe that we can start a chain reaction with this campaign, and with it help another projects/campaigns. So with every amount (above 49€), we are giving back some art.

Starting with fine art print cards and going on to big canvas painted with different medias, every supporter will have a Chili Ice Design delivered to his/her door, ready to use.

We made a super cool video for this campaign! All details of it are on the page (on GoGetFunding), and in it we explain a bit of our story, we present ourselves in this new project and the goals we are aiming to..

In this Blog Post we will add any news related to our campaign, if its any support we get, or any new ideas, anything will be discussed here.

We will also use this post to share all the suggested campaigns that will get the chance to get the 10% (check campaign home page for more details about this). And further on, to select and announce the campaign that will receive it.

For more information visit the Chili Ice Artsy Van Campaign!!!!




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