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Hello everyone! All good!?

So many good news!! First of all, we are back from F-FESTIVAL, and our stand, on the festival market, couldn't have done better!!!

To see the reactions on people's face, and all the amazing words, were for sure the best things we could have asked for!! All of the other stands were just as amazing, and getting to know the people behind them, was the perfect learning for us. We got the perfect tips for the next markets, better and new ideas, new products we should have, and how this whole market system works. So for them all a BIG THANKS!!

Our stand at the F-Festival in Faro (September 2019)

We both had the most amazing time. This was an amazing experience, and to see the stand and all of the art we presented there, to thrive and amaze people, make children laugh, to get people connected with the brand, make people stop to check it out - all of it was a big and rewarding gift. It was simply AMAZING!

Now, CHILI ICE DESIGN, is stronger than ever, and with all this learning, we got ourselves to a point, where we feel so much sure about what we are doing.

So, in the day after the fest, we went to the beach to relax a bit and take some deserved time for us, but it was the perfect place to start planning the next CHILI ICE moves. We started making a timetable, with all the new ideas we got from the market, and all the continuing concepts we already had going. So you all can expect BIG and AMAZING NEWS!

A new week has come, and once again we are on our big virtual office, working, planning, building, trying everyday to get one step closer to fulfilling our dreams and goals.

The best part is becoming every day more and more certain that we are on the right path. The biggest proof is that we always come to "work", with the biggest of the smiles, we put some tunes on, and with our minds ALWAYS where we want to be at, we start the day with our eyes in the FUTURE!!!

This will not always be easy, and sometimes it will put us down. But what is LIFE without all of this, after all it's not about how you fall... It's all about how you CLIMB UP again and again!! So don't ever stop believing in YOU. If you have to change, go for it; if you have to stop for a while, do it; and if you have to go back and start all over again, remember, you are doing it for yourself and nobody else... YOU deserve it!!! Not being afraid of trying, and failing, is a big part of all this big learning called LIFE.

Thank You all for this minutes and for staying with us!!

Stay tunned for the next news on CHILI ICE DESIGN adventures!!!



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