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During Quarantine and Dealing with COVID19

I think this year it wasn't easy for the most of the people. And I was thinking so much on those who lost somebody or their job or can't have the luxury of self quarantine, because this is what it is.

For me this time was very intense and interesting, because I think I am now even more thankful with what I have and see my biggest values in my life; which is to be surrounded with people I love (or close on the phone) and being healthy and happy and able to do what I like to do.

The connection to my family and nature and myself is stronger than ever and I stand up with a smile.

I got into yoga and healthy eating even more in this time, continued learning my new language, renovated the house and finished a book (which still needs to me published, so be tuned ;)).

And my business and art is blooming so much! Only the mail is taking like ages, sorry guys...

I am creating so much new art pieces for customised work and a lot for my RedBubble page, like masks, pillows, Phone-cases...

I was also making postcard designs for, started to make connections with famous insta stars for new projects and made some logos and graphic jobs All in all I would say this year was a blast for my art so far - let's hope everything goes back to normal (at least not needing to worry anymore) and the awareness of buying beautiful handmade products and supporting the locals moves more in the conscious like now.

I made a special Summerdeal for you right now till the end of July where you can get all my artpieces with 25% discount for helping each other.

Think positive and positive things will happen to you <3


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