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Find the Artist in You!!!

First of all I consider myself not as the most complete artist. I am learning all the time and I see my process and work on doing art more like a journey not a destination itself. Art is not about being perfect at one time. It's about having fun and learning. There is never an art piece which will affect on everybody the same.. because as you know - art is subjective;).

I really believe that everybody can practice art and get better and actually have fun when seeing improvements. It's all about self instruction and discovery. Being inspired by other big artists and their work, is for sure the first step. Understanding and finding yourself in artworks of others is a great way to get in to it. Practice, have fun and you will get much better! (Promise;))

Me and my colours on my personal art journey.

The hardest part is (which it was for me) finding your own style and niche. When I startet doing art more regularly (and I say this because I was drawing and painting since a little kid) I never was into colours or liquid paints. I always did some pencil sketches - black and white, and I remember the thought I had - 'yes colours suck, are super childish and I will stick to my pencils forever', well yeah I was around 18. ;) Things changed a little in my time at the university. I studied graphic design and we had this one art class, where we had to paint with acrylic on canvas. Of course I was super excited, because I loved painting and drawing and it was welcome change of being at the computer all the time ;). I think I did a Marilyn Monroe face on different canvas -

like inspired of picasso's cubism. I was really happy with the outcome, although if I would look at it today I would see so much stuff I would do different.

But this is what I mean, it's always a process and you only see and be as good as you are today. Like with everything but without pressure more a natural flow. And I consider art as a way of expressing yourself, your soul and talking not with words more in movements of your hands and advices. Oh and did I mention the motives I had at that time? Faces, people, portraits, flowers but never animals. So now I think I became the complete opposite of who I was at the beginning of doing art. A 180 degree turn, and I love for example painting stuff I never did before. I see it as a challenge to get the movement of animals and everything at once. Colours brings everything more to life and I know how to choose colours, from my degree and color wheel which is simple but needs some try and errors. Simply I look at shadows and brighter parts of objects and choose through this the color theme. What I do to learn a movement of any kind of animal or object is by searching for it. I really honour every artist who can draw or paint details by heart with no motive available (if this is even possible), but for me it isn't.

Not only the style but also the technique itself must be decided. I was practicing for example all kind of art techniques. Oil, Acrylic, pencil, charcoal, alcohol ink...basically almost everything and every technique has it's own pros and counts. Living in a single room apartment as I did and doing acrylic or oil painting is for sure not the best option. Despite of this it has a lot to do with how fast you want to finish an art-piece, which purpose you have and how much money you want to invest. Some techniques are much easier to learn when you start from zero and it makes much more sense to buy paper and pencils before heading to the art shop for 100 euro canvas and oil paint. You can rise in your artistic development through practice, some critique and self reflection. For you to don't stop at the first failure or somewhere at your journey, improving the technical formula and your individual artistic vision, which everybody has, is what will help you on it.


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