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Intuitive Urban Sketching

Bom Dia - with some more input from us! :-) Today I want to talk about a very spontaneous intuitive way to make art on the road and what randomly came to my mind again. Probably a few of you have already heard about a very common subject which is called 'Urban sketching'. I basically never joined one of the tours, but maybe one of these days I will, because I think it's a awesome way to make art in a group and see how other people capture the same view differently. For me – very interesting.

An abstract of my intuitive sketching results at Faro's F- Festival

First of all a short description what urban sketching is about. Basically you have pen and paper, maybe some watercolours, fine-liners and your open eyes and view.

In the middle of your nearest big city take a seat on a bench, feel the energy of your environment and start sketching. It doesn't need to be exact or perfect, it's more about the details you give value to and your own perspective.

The first time I actually experienced urban sketching was a year ago when I went to stuttgart city center to meet a friend and I was more than an hour too early. This day I bought new pencils and fine-liners and had my little journal with me. So I decided to sit near one of my favourite places at the old city part and started sketching – very different from what I was used to do but truly relaxing.

Last week at the F-Festival I had some time to get my pencils and paper back out. I was sitting at the old city part of faro with the view to some old walls and I just kept going. Soon I got bored of my view after I made the same image twice (also because of the fact I couldn't go away from my spot because of my stand ;)). So I just drew what came to my mind – a tower, a bridge from a small city near my hometown in germany. Even the Farber-Castel horse from my pencil case. hahaa..And the best thing was to put some watercolours on it. It's like bringing life to an image and character. And here are the results - imperfect, creative, intuitive but still interesting.

The main idea about the sketching is to start and continue doing it. Even I want to make more of it and want to improve my skills. The geometrical shapes are sometimes really tricky and hard to capture at first but it is sooo much fun!!!

And maybe I see one of you sketching really soon in your nearest city or you see me sitting on a bench with my friends - the pencils. ;)


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