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New ideas... Growth... Pushing Foward!!


Hope all of you are doing great and having some amazing time. In Faro the time is passing fast, due to so much work online and a lot of brain storming.

Some of you may already noticed, the Chili Ice Design network is growing fast and strong: a lot more activity on social media, with more pictures, more videos and new stuff almost every day; we have been working in the main Web Page constantly, providing everyone with the most accurate and updated content possible; we went further and took the brand and all products to the Print On Demand eCommerce niche.

After a lot of research, a lot of reading, hundreds of sites and reviews, we choose (for now) two Print on Demand platforms: RedBubble and Society6. Both of them let any artist, creative, illustrator, etc, to upload their work, and use some already made templates to create original products (shirts, wall art, clocks, pillows, mugs, dresses, and much more), and post them in a personal store, creating a social network of online stores. Basically it works like any other social platform, where every artist/store can interact with other artist/store - following, making likes, choosing their favorite work - creating more traffic to everyone`s store, and placing every product purchase at a distance of just a few clicks, on a very customer orientated platform.

At the moment, we dedicated our time and efford 100% on the RedBubble platform, and the store is up and running, and guess what!?!?!?!?! WE HAVE MADE THE FIRST INCOME!!! Yeah... when you put your will and dedication to something you truly believe in, results come for sure... And sometimes faster than you would ever imagine!!! That`s why, every day we go online, make more publicity, to reach more people, work on all of the Chili Ice Design network, work on more and better products, and a lot of new stuff is in the making... OMG we can´t wait to show you, but everything at it`s time!!!!

But the truth is... we aren`t satisfied... Not even close to it!! hahahahaha

While all of this is being made, we are starting new projects. Working as a collective, we are searching for side activities, using our background education as reference, and our goal as self employed persons, we are using our creative strength, to take ourselfs further.

On going projects

• Affiliates Programs

• Creating content online

• Illustrator/Designer projects

• Improving marketing skills

• Muuuuch more

One last thing... in the next days we will reveal a big project that will bring togheter all of our ideas, life goals, emotions, plans, all of our fans, future projects, and much more people around Chili Ice Design, in a single common cause!!!! SO EXCITED!!! STAY TUNNED!!!

To all of you, a gigantic THANK YOU!!! And please dont forget youself, your dreams, your goals... AND STICK TO THEM... Life will for sure give a lot of good stuff back!!

For those who need any help or any tips related to our work or projects, please send us an email... We love to chat and to share ideas!!!

See you all very soon!!


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