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Spiritual Art Circle

Hello loves,

it's about time to tell you in a few words about my new category.


It came from deep down - from my heart🙏

I always dreamed about giving art classes but it never felt right - like something was missing.

The last years I had my personal spiritual journey and learned so much more about this topic. I am deeply thankful and happy to get even deeper personally and artistically.

I get a lot of inspiration from spirituality. And just to make this clear what I mean with spirituality: spirituality for me is being connected with myself and my surrounding. Listening - speaking - being in silent, trusting the universe and knowing you are guided. The true essence of our nature as human beings.

And a lot of amazing women got even deeper - through yoga, energy healing, astral dreaming, meditation, reiki and much more. The women I am co-hosting my art circles with are magical connections via social media - True inspirational sources for you <3

I am basically obsessed with all of these topics. My idea was to combine those two things which I love so much and give you not only knowledge about painting but also about spirituality in ONE workshop.

You get both in one in these amazing courses.

The concept is open to women from the spiritual area who would like to host a class with me. Sometimes more than once ☺️. This is so much fun and we all learn so much and connect so deeply with others in this circle.

We are the Circle - the Tribe - the new movement. Let's get together in our feminine energy in our creating state and pause our mind - give your brain some chocolate and enjoy.

See you soon,

love & light



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