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The connection between Graphic Design & Art

As some of you already know - I have a degree in graphic design. Coming from the digital world has a huge impact on my work. There are some design rules which I use for all of my paintings. Such as the golden ratio, fibonacci sequence, or 'kiss' (keep it simple and stupid ;)). Angles, lines and perspectives are always seen in my work and what I truly love about watercolour is the amount of whitespace I leave to let the images 'breath'. Light and shadow, bright and dark, detailed and faded - the contrasts are always used in graphic design related contexts and I use these tools to create something unique and exciting.

Of course after years working in the advertising area I know how colours and shapes fit together, how to implement geometrical shapes in drawings and how to edit it and let it be outstanding.

What I basically do after finishing an art piece is making a photo of it and editing it with some picture editing software. Mostly I make lot of photos with my camera to capture the perfect light and sharpness. Sometimes I implement shapes and lines. I am so amazed on how exact the mathematic rules fit to the shapes of nature and showing that it's not a paradox-on, more likely a homogeneity.

Inspiration for my work is found in front of the door. Of course my background helps (which was searching for creative ideas under pressure and in front of the computer). But the view from the balcony, a tiny bug on a leaf or even a waterdrop after a rainy day leads me to my new paintings. The key is to let your subconscious and imagination grow wings and your feelings embrace. And this is possible with and without a degree ;).


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