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The start of new beginnings

While making plans life happens. Sometimes you want a change in your life - fresh wind and you make dramatic changes. Just like I did at the beginning of the year when I quit my job and my appartment and made a living out of some boxes and bought a ticket far away to a place I didn`t hear about since than. Only the country of my destination was clear - portugal and an island, (which I discovered while searching for workaway jobs) sounded even more exotic - So yes I went for it. A one-way ticket to the journey of my happiness without material possesions just the will to follow my heart and dreams, without expectations.

And it felt amazing, focusing more on my art and meeting new places new perspectives new artists on this beautiful island São Miguel. I was planning to stay till mid July making a work and travel before I continue my trip to the mainland till the end of the year. But there was somebody who was different, with a very special amd pure connection to me. Of course one of our first conversations was about art and craft and he showed me Macrame. An incredible beautiful way to make jewellery, crafts, interior designs and so on. Learning this new technique and learning to know a new amazing person.

And as I already mentioned life happens while making plans and while beeing open-minded to the new environment, new people and new ways to live I found true love. Wasn`t planning to loose my heart in the middle of the ocean at a place of vulcanos, earthquakes and floral wilderness. But we knew very fast that our journey wouldn`t end here. That this was just the beginning. Francisco did the same as I did - quit his job, his flat and went with me with only essentials.

Mid july we left the island together. I would have never imagine something like this when I came here.

Faro was the next stop for us where we could live at his house he already had.

Now we are looking for a van to built up and start travelling the world on wheels with our own creative mindsets, positivity and the will to do.

Thankful for my intuition, my will of breaking out, following dreams and passion. Still the best is yet to come.


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