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Watercolour lettering

Hello tribe! I am totally in the halloween mode already and the party is fast approaching. After buying my ingredients for my pumpkin soup today, I got somehow inspired.

Something for fall would be cool, but what...Thinking of animals, only bats and spiders came to my mind haha... and then I bought this pesto at the shop with an outstanding calligraphic package design, well and this is how I made up my mind that I should at least give it a shot.

I have to admit that I did some small calligraphy projects in the past but never with watercolour and so many years ago...What I want to say is, it's not too hard even with a normal/bad handwriting haha.

Below I will give you my step by step on how to make your amazing watercolour card, you will "FALL" in love with. So trick or treat my dear fellows and welcome the pumpkin spiced season!

Here’s the written version of creating a fall watercolour postcard:

Get your paper out! I was using an A4 Aquarell paper with 180 grams. Of course your watercolour palette and some flat brushes and really fine and small brushes and water.

First thing, like always, I was drawing with pencil the outlines of the letters and elements and erasing it softly. For making an outstanding really cool look and font I was searching on the web for nice letterings, for example at Dafont. After finding one I really liked I copied my letters.

I was starting with the letters inside in dark brown. Take your time here, you need a slow hand and a lot of colour. The most value you need to give is the yellow lettering. After you made your lines with your pencil drawing slightly make the ends and curves a little thicker, so it gets the calligraphic style.

Now the coloration of your elements begins. I started off with the pumpkins. To give them a realistic effect I firstly coloured every second slice of the pumpkin so I can get nice borders without everything blending in. Which means your pumpkins will look half done now. The rest will be done at the end when the slices are dry.

What I basically did now was painting through the colour palette. All the brown colours came first for the leafs, branches and nuts. Now the red colours for the berries and the leafs and at the end the green colours for the rest of the leafs and the upper pumpkin piece.

Now I finished the missing pumpkin shades and made a nice fade from top to bottom.

After the leafs dried I got my thin brush and made the veins of the leafs.

Now you can add some sprinkles and you are done!

Please leave some love with a like or even a share if you enjoyed.

Stay Spiced!



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